She Will Be Strong (SWBS) is a social enterprise aiming to help women to be mentally and physically fit. SWBS provides self-defense, yoga and dance courses to corporates and schools. The most popular program is self-defense which better equips women in case of harassment or attack including domestic violence. SWBS also does monthly self-defense workshops for the public. 51% of the profit goes to a Social Impact Fund managed by SWBS. The fund provides monthly financial support to shelters that help homeless pregnant single moms give birth and victims of harassment and domestic violence.


RAU3S specializes in consulting, transferring and providing comprehensive solutions for the agricultural sector: irrigation, crop nutrition, low-cost IOT-applied greenhouse solutions, and bridges in support of agricultural products for farmers.


Kick off as a team dedicated to set up events for luxury birthday and wedding parties. After 2 years of operation, Kander began to shift towards producing innovative toys for children, which are expected to be exported in 2021.


The fresh flower stores focus on the high-end segment of Vietnamese market. We provide many types of flowers from other provinces in Vietnam as well as seasonal flowers from many countries all around the world such as Holland, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Japan,...

Hoa online 24/7 is a new flower brand which is targeted to the middle class. We provide flower designs with lower price and our main purpose is to access more potential customers, especially young audiences.